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Alicia McGowan, Director

I’ve been a registered dental hygienist since 2005. I had the great fortune of landing my first job at an airway centric dental office in London, Ontario and was forever changed. Nothing in school prepared me for the true potential of dentistry and it's role in whole body well-being! With this functional health mindset, my professional path led me to always look beyond treating the symptoms and to treat the cause. My areas of expertise include myofunctional orthodontics, supporting airway health, promoting optimal oral and facial muscle function and tethered oral tissue remediation.  It is said the eye is the window to the soul, and when it comes to functional health...the mouth is the door. Whether you are a dentist, a perinatal care provider or a parent, I would love to connect with you to discuss how a tiny string under the tongue can lead to many a bigger thing.

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Dr. Nabil Tabbara


What My Clients Have to Say

Such a great experience. I came to see Alicia and Jen with my 5 day old daughter, I was experiencing some pain during breastfeeding. They confirmed she had a posterior tongue tie and lip tie. Alicia was gentle and caring with Eden as she did the assessment, and explained everything very well. Jen did an assessment with me on how she was latching and gave me some tips to help improve breastfeeding. Eden had her lip and tongue released that same day and Jen was there with me to help with the first feeding after the procedure - she was so encouraging and supportive for me! I felt a difference in Eden’s latch the very first feeding after!
They also followed up with a home visit where they went over the exercises and Jen made sure everything was going well breastfeeding wise, they also did a virtual follow up - so cool!
Such an amazing team!


Alicia and her team are so welcoming and knowledgeable.
I'm so appreciative of the time and effort Alicia put forth in answering all my questions, both pre and post-frenectomy! I'm so glad I connected with her, I had no idea release as an adult was possible and would still have benefits. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have zero pain under and around my tongue - it also feels like my shoulders were released, and I've been sleeping better too. I look forward to having my children evaluated!


We had our son’s tongue tie revised when he was just shy of 3 weeks old. I was a big ball of stress and tears when I brought my son into the clinic - but I was met with knowable and compassionate staff! I previously had three other doctors and a lactation consultant assess the tie. They all came to the same conclusion, that a posterior tie was present, but it didn’t need to be revised. However, my son was unable to breastfeed, constantly spitting up/vomiting, in pain from gas and snored.I am so thankful I made the drive from Hamilton to London to be able to get the care and expertise that we so desperately needed. Dr. Tabbara was so calm and gentle during the procedure, giving my son breaks when he needed them and little face massages to make it easier. After the procedure, the lactation consultant, Jen, assisted me in our first successful breastfeeding session, which was an amazing accomplishment! The airway specialist, Alicia, was very helpful answering all my questions with through explanations. I highly recommend this clinic and I’m so grateful that I was able to come here!


I can’t thank London tongue and lip tie centre enough. My baby girl was just days old and I had lots of pain nursing , I was told by my midwife she had some tongue tie so I started looking for help to correct it. I came across London tongue tie on Facebook and sent a message. I almost immediately got a message back from Alicia and she set everything up for me to come in and look over my daughter. Thanks to her I found out my daughter had lip tie and tongue tie. I had both of the corrections done for her and I now have pain free breastfeeding and a extremely happy and chunky 3 month old! Alicia always checked in with me to see how everything was going with baby and me.
Thank you again !


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