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Myofunctional Orthodontics

Straight teeth, the natural way


Myofunctional Orthodontics

Working alongside a dentist who specializes in airway and jaw joint health; we apply the mechanics of healthy muscle function on skull development. When the muscles of the face and head are working and moving properly, this guides the bones of our jaw to develop optimally and teeth can naturally grow in straight! And more important than straight teeth, is that when the jaws have grown well, we breath, sleep and live better!

Image by Annie Spratt

The Health Problem of  Crooked Teeth

Remembering that form follows function, when muscles work improperly the result is deformed bone shape and size. This is how we develop jaws that are too small, too narrow and not enough room for teeth to align naturally straight. We used to blame genetics (and it's true genetics can predispose us to certain issues) but what we know as well is that we can use the environment to change the gene expression, a prinicple called "epigenetics". And this is not new knowledge! The grandfather of orthodontics Dr. Angle wrote in the 1800s about how mouth breathing was the cause of malocclusions! We've just gotten really good at fixing the problem when really we can guide growth to the ideal outcome quite simply.
So what's the big deal? Crooked teeth can predispose us to cavities, gum disease, bone loss and jaw joint issues, headaches and back pain. Improper muscle function can contribute to mouth breathing (allergies, snoring, dry mouth, enlarged tonsils) sleep issues (frequent awakenings, bed wetting, sleep apnea, hyperactivity, cognitive development, mental health), feeding and speech issues.
It's time to treat the cause, not just the symptoms!


Perform an Evaluation

The following 10-point evaluation allows you to screen the child for the causes that may be affecting their jaw and facial development. Looking at the way they breathe, their posture, mouth and tongue, plus the way they swallow. These are called Myofunctional Habits and greatly affect the way their teeth and jaws develop. Correcting poor Myofunctional Habits allows children to grow to their genetic potential and live a healthy lifestyle later in adulthood.

Myofunctional Orthodontics: Services
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