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Meet Dr. Andy Anderson!

My name is Andy Anderson, and my purpose on this earth is to: 1. be a mother, and 2. be a healer. As it turns out, I found my passion in life by combining those two purposes.

As I mentioned, I always knew I would be a healer. In fact, I would say that one of my core life skills is fixing things. Anything from my dishwasher to people, I can usually fix anything with my hands. And that’s how I knew chiropractic medicine was right for me! Throughout my teenage years I had awesome results with chiropractic care for my back pain. The hands on, drug free, and whole person approach of chiropractic care really resonated with my philosophy of health and healing. Upon entering chiropractic college, it only took the first week and I knew that I was exactly where I am meant to be.

Tongue tie often causes chain-like restrictions throughout the body resulting from the tethered tissues in the mouth. Chiropractic care for tongue tied children ensures proper rehabilitation and function of the mouth and body for optimal results. I have additional education and experience in treating tongue and lip ties (including craniosacral techniques). I will first perform a thorough history, followed by a careful head to toe examination looking for any musculoskeletal dysfunction and tension. I will also check the child’s neurological development and milestones. After making an appropriate diagnosis, I will treat any dysfunction and tension found using very slow and gentle manual therapy. In a tongue tied child this often includes releasing tension found around and within the child’s mouth, as well as treating dysfunction found elsewhere in the body. Alicia and the London Tongue Tie Network release providers will then send you home with oral retraining exercises to promote optimal outcomes!

Contact info:

Located at Rebirth Hyde Park (23-1828 Blue Heron Dr.)


Phone: 519-601-8855

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