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Victoria Alexander, RMT

Victoria completed her advanced diploma in Massage Therapy and has been a Registered Massage Therapist as well as Certified Infant Massage Therapist/Instructor since 2016. Her interest in infant care grew while working at a prenatal and infant centered clinic in Windsor. From there she began taking all the additional courses she could find and teaching infant massage classes. Now a-days she primarily works with infants, children, and parents. You can also find her working as a research assistant for a study on Preterm Infant Massage in NICU's! 

Infant Massage is beneficial both pre and post TOTs release. The myofacsial release and soft tissue work helps to reduce restrictions in and around the mouth and facial muscles prior to revision to best ensure a full release is able to be performed. Post-op the massage helps to reduce tension in areas of the jaw to ensure it can reach its new, larger range of motion for optimal latching, chewing, sleeping, and breathing. Massage is also integral for treating the accessory muscles and symptoms that come along with TOTs such as reducing gas/constipation, correcting posture, and relaxing the nervous system. A general protocol for most beneficial results is 1-2 massage appointments prior to the revision, and once a week massages for 4-6 weeks post-revision. 

Contact info:

Located at MyoMove London (4-1385 North Routledge Park, London ON)



Phone: 519-601-4816 (Alt. Text at 519-639-5795)

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